About Us

Hello 🙂 We are Lynne and Brian, an Irish couple that loves to travel the world and explore. In September 2019 we quit our jobs, packed our bags and left home with a one way ticket to Beijing, China. We started this blog to document our journey and pass on advice and knowledge to fellow travellers.

After six months of traveling around Asia and Australia we then based ourselves in Chiang Mai Thailand and began teaching at a local international school and teaching online. After a year and a half living in Thailand we have now returned home to Ireland. We are working 9-5 jobs but we still make sure we have time to travel.

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2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Nice to meet you Lynne and Brian 🙂 my name is PedroL, i am also travelling in between geographies and writing about it, so feel free to discover my blog 🙂 happy travels and read you soon, PedroL

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