Five Must Haves For Any Backpacker

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Everyone has things that they never leave home without. While planning our trip we did a lot of research on items we would need. As we were planning to travel light with just one carry on bag we really had to pack only the essentials. If we packed it then we needed to be 100 percent sure we would use it.  After two months of travelling we’ve agreed that we could not do without these five items.

Microfibre Towel– This is something we use every single day. We purchased these before travelling, not only because they are quick drying and don’t take up too much space in our backpacks but because they have saved us quite a bit of money in the last few months. Most places we have been staying charge a fee for renting a towel, by having our own we have avoided this expense. It might not be that much to pay now and again but when you are traveling two years those little costs add up.

We recommend the Sea To Sumit Drylite Towel. We have been using it every day for the last two months and it has been one of our best purchases. It is very light weight, super absorbent and is also very soft on the skin.

Portable Charger– Again something we use every day. When travelling in a foreign country, especially one where you don’t speak the language your smart phone is constantly in your hand. Having the portable charger to keep our phones alive allows us to check directions, restaurant recommendation and translate all day long.

The portable charger we use is Energizer and has a capacity of 20000mAh. It charges quickly and has the capacity to charge our phones up to 8 times per charge.

Packing Cubes– An absolute must for any traveller. We use one large, one medium and one small cube which fits perfectly into our Osprey Farpoint 40L Backpacks. They keep our clothes organised but most importantly compresses our clothing saving us a lot of space.

We use Osprey packing cubes. In our opinion they are the best on the market. We have used cheeper packing cubes in the past that have only ended up tearing or the zipper has broken.

Pad Locks– This offers peace of mind and security. We brought two locks each with us and we use them on lockers provided by hostels and on our backpacks to keep our items safe. The locks we use are TSA approved cable locks.

Multi Country Adapter– A good adapter can be expense but it really is something you cannot do without. We use Aerb Universal Travel Adapter which is compatible world wide. We really recommend getting a travel adapter that has USB ports. The main plug allows us to charge our laptops / cameras etc. while the USB ports allow us to charge our phones / battery packs etc. all at the one time.

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