12 Things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok is a fascinating, exciting and incredible city to visit. Like many other capital cities Bangkok never sleeps, there is always something going on. The first thing you will notice will be how modern skyscrapers stand next to traditional homes, temples and historical buildings. The city is a mix of new and old. Bangkok is packed with things to do. Here is our guide of the top 12 things to do.

Visit the Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is one of Bangkok’s most famous sights. Built in 1782, for 150 years it was home to the King of Thailand, the Royal court and the administrative seat of the government. Keep in mind a strict dress code applies to both men and women. Visitors must be appropriately dressed before entering the palace grounds. Long trousers or a long skirt to the ankles must be worn along with a top with sleeves. There are vendors selling long elephant pants and shawls across the road from the palace entrance for a small fee.

Visit Wat Pho to see the Reclining Budda

Wat Pho is located only a 10minute walk from the Grand Palace. For all travellers visiting Bangkok, the Reclining Budda at Wat Pho is probably top of their list of things to see. Wat Pho is Bangkok’s largest temple complex. The Reclining Buddha is fifteen meters tall and forty six meters long and covered in gold leaf.

Visit Wat Arun

Wat Arun is named after the Arun – the Indian god of dawn. Located across the river from Wat Pho, the quickest way to get to Wat Aran from Wat Pho is via boat. Be sure to take the public boat, it costs only 4 Baht. On your way to the public boat you will have lots of locals offering to take you across the river for 10 times the amount.

Shop till you drop at Chatuchak Market

With over 10,000 vendors across 27 acres, it is one of the largest open markets in the world. Explore and get lost in the maze-like Chatuchak weekend market. The market is open from 6am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday with everything from clothing to books and antiques being sold. 

Take a Boat Trip along the Chao Phraya River

A peaceful sail down the Chao Phraya river is the perfect way to escape the busy city. There are so many river tours available from dinner cruises to sunset cruises. If a cruise is not for you or you are on a tighter budget why not hop in a local water taxi.

Ride a TukTuk

Tuk Tuks are a great way to get around Bangkok. They cheap and can pretty much be found on any street. Tuk Tuks have no meter so keep in mind you will have to agree a price with the driver before getting in. The first price the driver offers you will be extremely inflated so make sure to haggle!!

Visit Bangkok National Museum

The National Museum of Bangkok is located in the former 18th century Wang Na Palace and displays the largest collection of Thai art and artefacts. Free tours are available in English, German, French and Japanese. The Museum is open Wednesday – Sunday from 9am – 4pm (closes Monday and Tuesday).

Have a Thai Massage

Getting a Thai massage when visiting Thailand is a must. At super cheep prices, there is nothing better than ending a long day of sightseeing with an invigorating full body massage.

Take a stroll through Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park gets its name from the Lord Buddha born in Nepal. The park is filled with trees, ponds and activities.You will find elderly people praising tai chi, families enjoying a picnic by the lake as well as joggers and cyclists. Lumpini Park also has paddle boats in the lake, playgrounds, an outdoor gym and free aerobic sessions. 

Eat Street Food

If you just do one thing while in Bangkok, it has to be eating the cities incredible street food food. If you traveling on a budget rest assured, Bangkok’s street foodis extremely budget friendly. If you are unsure where to start from why not check out one of the many street food tours available.

If you are looking to do your own self guided food tour of Bangkok, check out our previous blog on all the must eats the city has to offer.

Do a Thai Cooking Class

If you are interested in learning how to cook your own Thai food, we recommend you try one of the many cooking classes available in Bangkok. There are so many choices and varieties with classes to suit all budgets. Check out the link above to see the various classes available.

Check out the nightlife on Khao San Road

Known as the backpacker area, Khao San road is an interesting street full of people, street food stalls and bars. Yes this is a very touristy and over priced spot and we wouldn’t recommend spending too much time here but we do recommend going for a beer to soak in the hustle and bustle. 

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5 thoughts on “12 Things to do in Bangkok

  1. Love this! I’ve been living in Thailand since October and have been to Bangkok a few times, but there’s still so much I need to do before I go home!

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      1. I’m about an hour or so west of Bangkok. It’s a small town with no tourists which is quite nice! But if you’re going from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi, I’m pretty much in the middle!

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