Exploring Chiang Mai – Mae Hia Fresh Market

We have currently been living in Chiang Mai since February 2020. During this time we have discovered lots of our favourite local spots.

We will be doing a series of blogs about all the different sites and sounds the city has to offer. Following up from our last part on the Old City of Chiang Mai, in this blog we want to talk about a place a little further out of the city, Mae Hia Fresh Market. 

Located south of the old city on the canal road Mae Hia Fresh Market is a local spot to get all your fresh food needs along with some tasty street food snacks. 

The market opens at 4.00am every morning and and closes at midnight. The Mae Hia Fresh Market is as local as Chiang Mai gets. 

We love this place and are lucky enough to live within walking distance. Visiting the market has become a Saturday ritual to get our fresh fruit and vegetables for the week.

Fresh produce displays are stacked high with beautifully coloured fresh fruit and veg. This is what really stands out as you wander around. Grab one of the plastic basket’s fill it with what you need and pass it over to the stall owner. The prices are all extremely reasonable. 

If you’re not in a cooking mood then don’t worry the market has lots of cooked food options. Whole cooked fish, fried chicken and handmade Northern Thai sausage are some of the standouts you will see. Why not grab a fresh squeezed juice or a coffee to go with your snacks.

Along with food you can also find anything you would expect in an local Asian market. Clothes, toys, shoes and household goods there are options for everything. This market is small but has a lot to offer.

To the rear of the market there are also a number of food trucks where you can discover some western dishes like BBQ and Burritos.

Next door there is a full food court if you are craving a larger traditional Thai meal. Think noodles, curry and mango sticky rice.

With lockdown slowly being lifted here our trips to Mae Hia fresh market have become a great way to get out and about in our city. If you are  in Chiang Mai and want to experience a true local experience then we recommend paying Mae Hie Fresh Market a visit. Its only a 10 – 15 minute drive away from the ‘Old City’.

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