11 Essential Travel Apps Every Traveler Should Download


Skyscanner helps travellers find the cheapest flights available. It can really save you a lot of money if your dates are not set in stone. Enter your departure airport and your final destination and Skyscanner will calculate the cheapest route. You can sort your search based on price of duration of trip. On the Skyscanner app you can book one-way, return and multi-city trips. If you prefer to book your flights and accommodation through the same app you can also book your hotels here too.


We use Agoda to book hotels and hostels. Agoda are always pretty competitive on pricing and offer great discounts as a loyalty reward. The app is similar to most hotel booking sites. It allows you to compare the prices of different hotels or hostels in your destination and choose accordingly. Agoda also provides you with the option to book your flights through their site or book a package including both your flights and accommodation.


Airbnb is great if you are looking for a more local experience or alternative accomadation. You can find local home rentals, room rentals, tree houses, farm-stays and beach huts just to name a few. Airbnb also has a feature that allows you to book local experiences in your destinations such as food tours, hiking, local guided tours, art classes etc. These tours are led my locals, we have booked quite a few during our travels and we have enjoyed each and every one of them.

Google Maps

This is probably our most used app when traveling. Google maps is essential when traveling to a new city. You can enter the location you need to get to and Google Maps will direct you whether you are walking, driving, using public transport or a ride-hailing service). You can download specific city or area maps in advance for offline use.

Google Translate

This app has the ability to translate over 103 languages. Our favourite feature is the camera translation where you point your camera and take a photo for instant translation. This is particularly useful in Asia where we frequently (and live) in countries that use a different alphabet. Google Translate also offers instant speech translation. This makes communication with locals so much easier.

XE Currency Exchange

The XE Currency Converter is very convent to get up to date live currency exchange rates. This app makes it quick and simple to compare local prices with your home currency and calculate if you are getting a good deal. When we are constantly moving from country to country moving from currency currency can get confusing. This app makes it so much easier.


TripIt organises your itineraries and documents all in the one spot making it quick and easy to find all your travel documents. When you make reservations such as flights, accommodation, transportation, tours, etc they will be automatically sent to TripIt via your email. We love this app, it organises everything by date and is super easy to use.

Get Your Guide

We use Get Your Guide when booking tours, day trips and activities. Their prices are usually very competitive and they offer free cancelations if plans change. Get Your Guide has a huge range of tours and activities from city tours, food tours, cultural tours, skydiving, scuba diving etc. We always price compare at our hotel, hostel or local tour guides but Get Your Guide usually always wins on price.

Lounge Buddy

LoungeBuddy provides you with airport lounge access around the world. When you create a trip the app will tell you which lounges you can access based on the airport you will be traveling through. You can purchase your lounge access on the day of travel or up to two months in advance.


So not exactly a travel app but we use Netflix all the time when we travel. It is a lifesaver during long travel days waiting around airports and long haul flights. The Netflix app allows you to download your favourite TV shows and movies to watch offline. Watching movies or TV shows makes travel days a lot easier and helps time feel like it is flying by.


Audible is another app that is not a travel specific app however we use Audible a lot when we travel. Audible is great for blocking out the noise around you when traveling. It can make long transits a lot more relaxing and enjoyable. It can also make getting to sleep on overnight transport so much easier, simply switch on your latest audio book and sit back and relax.

What travel apps do you use? Let us know in the comments below 🙂


2 thoughts on “11 Essential Travel Apps Every Traveler Should Download

  1. wow. im not that tech savvy but i actually have used nearly all of these apps. I like to use Skyscanner to research fares but then book on the airline website, and with agoda you can earn frequent flyer points – i use it to earn Krisflyer ones but they are connected to a number of programs which is great!

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