Chiang Mai to Pai – Motorbike Road Trip

Pai is a small hippie town located in northern Thailand not too far from the Myanmar boarder. Pai is famous for its lush hiking trails, surrounding mountains, cascading waterfalls and laid-back atmosphere.

Driving from Chiang Mai to Pai will take around 3 hours. The route has over 700 windy turns as you ascend into the mountains. As you bike along the mountain edge you will experience some of the most amazing views Thailand has to offer. This is one of the most popular driving routes in Thailand and not to me missed!

As we mentioned in a previous post we current rent our 125cc Honda Click from Mango Bike Rental Chiang Mai. For the weekend we traded in our Honda Click for something a little more powerful. Traveling from Chiang Mai to Pai is possible on a smaller scooter but it is recommended you opt for a bigger bike due to the steep mountain roads and the long distance. For the journey we hired a Yamaha NMax 150cc. This bike was perfect for the trip. It had no problems climbing the steep hills and it was a comfortable bike to drive.

Preparing for the journey

When traveling from Chiang Mai to Pai note that there are no proper fuel stations. Make sure you fill up your bike before you set off.

Safety first! It is illegal in Thailand to drive or be a passenger on a bike with out a helmet. Make sure your helmet comes with a face shield to protect your eyes and face. As you drive up the mountains twigs, leaves and bugs will fly into you.

Appropriate footwear is another must. Wear covered shoes as they will provide you with a better grip to the ground if you come to a sudden halt.

When making the journey from Chiang Mai to Pai the temperatures drop very quickly. Bring extra layers such as a jacket, scarf gloves etc. Even if it is a super hot and sunny day in Chiang Mai as you make your way up the mountains it will become pretty chilly. If you are visiting during raining season it is a good idea to pack water proof outer wear.

What to see along the way?

Mork Fa Waterfall — The first stop on your journey is More Fa Waterfall. The waterfall is well signposted and easy to spot. It costs around 100TBH to enter.

Pong Dueat Geyser: Take a 10 minute detour 10 minute to visit Pong Dueat Geyser. The turn for the Pong Dueat Geyser is well sign posted. It costs 300TBH to enter.

Coffee shops: There are so many cute and quirky cafes between Chiang Mai and Pai. Schedule time for a few coffee stops.

View Points: One of the great things about driving from Chiang Mai to Pay is the ability to stop at take in the magnificent views. There are so many stunning view points over looking valleys and the surrounding mountains. Make sure to have you camera ready!


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