Exploring Chiang Mai – The Monks Trail Doi Suthep

The Monk’s Trail is a short and relatively easy hike that will take you up to Wat Pha Lat temple. It takes roughly 45 minutes to get to the temple. Originally this route was used by the monks to get to the temple. Since the route became popular with tourists they have created a new route through the mountains to avoid the tourists.

If you are visiting Chiang Mai the Monk’s Trail is a must! Wat Pha Lat temple is beautiful and a great spot to experience some of Chiang Mai’s natural beauty.

If you still have energy after arriving to Wat Pha Lat you can continue hiking for a further 2 hours to the main Doi Suthep temple. This hike is more strenuous but once you get to the top the view are fantastic!


The start of the Monk’s Trail is located near the Chiang Mai Zoo, behind Chiang Mai university and it is approx. 15 minutes from Chiang Mai Old City. The trail entrance is at coordinates 18.798111, 98.942361. You have three options to travel here:

Motorbike: There are many places to rent a motorbike in Chiang Mai. We rent ours monthly from Mango Bike and we highly recommend them. If you are renting daily a bike is around 200baht per day. If you are looking to explore other areas of Chiang Mai renting a bike is your best option. There is also plenty of parking at the trailhead.

Grab: Prices vary depending on your location. If you are staying in the Old City a Grab will roughly cost 150baht

Songthaew: The price of a Songthaew will roughly cost 70baht.


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