Pre Travel Check List – 20 Things To Do Before You Leave

  • Passports – Double check your expiry date and ensure you have empty pages for visa stamps
  • Visas & paperwork
  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Double check your baggage allowance – every airline is different
  • Confirm your exact flight time and airport terminal
  • Booking confirmations – saved to your device so they are digitally available offline
  • Check the currency at your destination – and arrange the collection of any cash in advance
  • Notify your bank of your travel plans
  • Drivers licence / international driving permit
  • Digital copies of important documents / scanned copy of passport
  • Booking confirmations – digitally available offline
  • At least your first night accommodation booked
  • Check the weather at your location and pack accordingly 
  • Research your location for any events or festivals 
  • Ensure all electronics are charged
  • Pack any medications that you may require
  • Learn a few local phrases
  • Pack flight snacks
  • Download some Netflix / music / ebooks for the journey

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