Did we discover Japans best breakfast experience???

During our three day stay in Kyoto we visited Lorimer for a unique breakfast experience. We made our reservation through Airbnb experiences after reading the excellent reviews (Click here to receive a discount on your first Airbnb booking).

What makes this breakfast experience unique? This breakfast menu is a modern twist on a traditional Japaneese breakfast known as “ichiju gosai” which translates to one soup and five sides. Breakfast is served with a carefully selected range of tea. Along with each tea is a detailed description into the flavour characteristics, roasting method and history of tea.

When we arrived we were seated at the counter with a view into the chef’s working space. It was amazing to observe the artistic flair of the chefs as they carefully placed each ingredient onto the plate.

The meal began with a serving of Sencha tea. First we were served this tea at 60C and then at 80C so we could compare the flavour profile. Sencha is the most popular form of green tea in Japan. The Sencha tea we were served is called Gokou and comes from Wazuka-cho in Kyoto. Comparing the flavour of the same tea served at two different temperatures was very interesting. At 60C the tea had a slight sweet flavour, however when served at 80C the flavour of the tea became quite bitter. 

After enjoying our first two servings of tea it was time for breakfast.  The fish of the day was delicious Thai red snapper collar. It was accompanied by tofu that had been marinated in miso for two weeks, beautifully roasted aubergine, butternut squash served with tofu paste, the most perfectly square slice of baked omelette and pickled vegetables. In two side bowls we were served miso soup and a bowl of rice. The presentation of this meal was outstanding, the chef took the time to give a detailed description of each component of the meal.

Along with the meal we were served Hojicha tea. Hojicha in Japaneese means toasted tea. The tea leaves are toasted to obtain the perfect nutty aroma and flavour. This tea had a mild flavour which worked really well with the breakfast as the tea flavour did not over power the food.

Meal complete and bellies full it was time for our final serving of tea to finish off the experience. For the final tea we were served Konacha which means powder tea in Japanese. Due to its powder form, this tea contains finer particles resulting in a stronger aroma and flavour. Konacha is traditionally served after a meal as it acts as a palate cleanser.

Overall we highly recommend checking out Lorimer if you are ever in Kyoto. The level of passion and professionalism from the staff made this feel like a very special and unique experience. 

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    1. That’s so exciting!! They are two amazing countries, you will have a great time. We are alittle behind on our blogs, we have more Japan blogs coming soon. If your on Instagram check out our page @to.the.airport.and.beyond there is lots on Japan and South Korea there. If you have any questions just send us a DM 😊

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