Chiang Rai Thailand – Our Coffee Shop Tour

During our time in Chiang Rai we drank our fair share of coffee. Northern Thailand is a hub for excellent coffee shops due to the large number for coffee plantations in the region. While in Chiang Rai we decided to do our own self drive of some coffee shops. we only scratched the surface, but I guess it is an excuse to return!

Something Rice

Our first coffee stop in Chiang Rai was to an adorable cafe ‘Something Rice’. We stumbled upon this cafe on our drive back from the famous White Temple. We spotted a rustic sign pointing in the direction of a rural lane. We decided to follow the sign to see what we would find. We were not disappointed! Something Rice is a peaceful cafe and workshop. The rural with a pond centrepiece make this the perfect spot to relax after a day of sightseeing. They also have a large food menu if your looking for something to go with your coffee.

Cat n A Cup Cafe

Who doesn’t love a cat cafe….and even better a cat cafe that actually serve really good coffee!!! We actually only ran into the Cat n A Cup to escape a tropical downpour and we were glade we did. The quality of the coffee was excellent and to top it off we enjoyed our coffees surrounded by furry friends.

Prompt Cafe Micro Roasters

And the award for best coffee we had while in Chiang Rai goes to Prompt Cafe Micro Roasters! This was the third coffee shop we visited when in Chiang Rai. It was the smell of the roasting coffee beans is what caught our attention when passing by. The coffee was superb and we highly recommend paying them a visit if you are in Chiang Rai.

Melt in Your Mouth

Located just north of the city is Melt in Your Mouth. This cute restaurant have a large menu and pride themselves on excellent coffee. We took a seat outside overlooking the Kok River and Ko Loi Public Park. Coffee was delicious and we paired it with a slice if their blueberry cheese cake.

Alexta Coffee

Last but not least is Alexta Coffee Roasters. Alexta is located right by Chiang Rai bus station 2 so was our final stop before we departed Chiang Rai. Alexta coffee pride themselves on working with local farmers to ensure the best quality coffee beens are produced. If you arrive to or depart from Chiang Rai make sure to call in for a coffee!

We only scratched the surface when it comes to coffee shops in Chiang Rai. If you have any recommendations for coffee shops in Chiang Rai let us know in the comments below and we will check them out next time we are in town.


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