10 Easy Ways to Save Money While Traveling

One of the most difficult tasks when traveling long term is managing the budget. Traveling long-term is very different to traveling for a short holiday or a weekend breaks. You have to monitor where every cent goes. Basically the quicker we burned through our money the quicker this trip would be over.

Here are our tried and tested ways to save money while traveling long-term:

Look for Free Activities

In every destination there is often lots of free activities to do. Check if there are any free walking tours available, this is our favourite way to to familiarises ourself with a city. Some museums often offer free entry and a lot of outdoors activities such as visiting a park, beach or going hiking is often free.

We love free activities. They are a great way to keep busy and not spend a cent.

Location, Location, Location

Often we will pay little extra to stay in walkable distance to the city centre. Transportation can add up quickly. Sometimes you are actually saving money by spending that little bit extra for a more central location.

Book a Hostel or Room with Cooking Facilities

This for us is usually make or break when booking accommodation. When we are traveling on a budget it is important we have the facilities to store and prepare our own food.

This is not something to worry about in destinations such as South East Asia where eating out is very affordable. However, when we spent 2 months in Australia cooking facilities were a must!

Be Flexible When You Fly

Being flexible with travel dates, the time of day you fly or the number of layovers you are willing to make can save you a lot of money. Weigh up your options, do you mind having a long layover if your flights are 20% – 50% cheeper?

Pack Light

Traveling with carry-on luggage can save you paying those check-in luggage fees. The amount you will save depends on how long your trip is and how many flights you will be taking. For us carry-on luggage is a no brainer. We have saved hundreds of euros by not checking on our luggage.

Have Food and Drinks in Your Bag for Travel Days

Whether you are traveling by land, sea or sky preparing your snacks in advance can save you a lot of money. A lot of airlines do provide you with a meal when you purchase your ticket, however the budget airlines often do not.

Organise your snacks and drinks in advance so you don’t have to pay the inflated price on the plane, in the airport, bus terminal or on the ferry etc.

Enjoy a Big Lunch

We have found that a lot of restaurants offer good lunch specials or meal deals. Often the same restaurant will have the same dish on the menu for dinner time but significantly more expensive. Do a quick Google before you arrive at your destination for the best early bird menus or lunch specials in the area.

Don’t Eat in the Tourist Destinations

In some destinations, walking just 5-10 minutes out of the main tourist area can significantly cut the prices of restaurant menus. We try not to get food or drinks at tourist attractions as the prices tend to be so inflated.

Use Price Comparison Apps

Whether you are booking a flight, hotel, insurance or renting a car always shop around. One of the quickest and easiest ways to ensure you get the best deal is to use some of the many price comparison apps available.

We always use sky scanner before booking flights and we check the price of accommodation on Agoda or booking.com. Always shop around.


Tracking your expenses on an Excel spread sheet or using on of the many budgeting apps available can really help you stay on track. You will easily be able to identify where you money is going and when tighten your belt.

Comment below with your top money saving tips when traveling.

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