7 Reasons Why You Should Teach English Abroad

Potential to Make and Save Money

One of the big draws to teaching English abroad is money! Choosing a country with low cost of living can allow you to save huge percentage of salary. Salaries vary from country to country but it is usually in line with cost of living. On top of your basic salary there is also the potential to earn 50-100 times your salary just by taking on extra private tutoring or online tutoring.

Meet New People

Since teaching in Thailand we have met people from all over the globe. Most major towns and cities around the world have strong expat communities giving you the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life.

Immerse Yourself in a New Culture

We have been able to immerse ourselves in another culture in a way we couldn’t by just traveling. We have experienced Thai holiday’s, eaten all types of local foods and learned about Thai culture and history. Experiencing day to day life in a another country is something you cannot experience by just traveling through.

Learn a New Language

How well you learn a new language will be completely down to the time and effort you put in. However, even of do not become fluent you will quickly learn basis phrases such as greetings, ordering at a bar or restaurant and giving directions.

More Free Time

Most schools get long holidays some up to 8 weeks off at one time. At the school we teach at we get a 2 weeks break in October, 3 weeks in December, 3 weeks in March and 6 weeks in July!! We are luck as we have every weekend off and we also get public holidays off too. That’s a lot of free time to explore and travel.


We have now been teaching in Thailand for one year and we have been able to travel and see so much of that Thailand has to offer. We make the most of school holidays which are typically 3-6 week breaks! Of course because of Covid-19 we have been unable to leave Thailand but we are hoping to soon be able to make the most of these long breaks and travel internationally.

Professional Development

For some teaching abroad is a career choice and for others it is just a gap year but regardless of the career path you choose to follow teaching abroad teaches you many interchangeable skills. Planning and time management are key for any teacher . Living in a new country improves skills such as independence, problem solving, flexiability and being open minded.

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